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Attractions; Occasionally I do end up in places many tourists visit.  I take these images for my personal collection and will offer the exceptional ones.  There has to be something special for me to feature these in my galleries.  I do have a bridge collection as well as special tourist’s attractions.

In viewing our sites, blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube, twitter and galleries you will see and hear stories of nature, wildlife and travel.  The images seen are from all over the country but mainly, 'The California Delta Region."  Here there is an abundance of beautiful and interesting subjects.  R B Pictures web site is the mother ship; there you will view many of our images, art pieces and computer enhanced photographic art.  You can create, design and purchase you own in a few simple steps.  All transactions are safe and secure because they are processed by PayPal and Fine Arts America.  They are both reputable companies that will guarantee satisfaction and protect your privacy.  Fine Arts America will assemble and send your piece to you complete with warranty.  Go now to the site and began viewing.
We sell original wildlife & nature photographic art pieces. We make it safe and easy.  We encourage creative thinking, so we are hands on company.  Go now to the site and began viewing.

Prices are calculated in real time, as you create your masterpiece.  If the image you would like to purchase is not in one of my galleries, send an e-mail to  Give me the image number located in the lower left corner.  If you click on the image it will reveal the number (1/18).  Give me the category in which the image is located.  I need to know the date the image was in the category.  Images are rotated in and out of the sections.  I will e-mail a, watermarked, version of the image you selected.  After you confirm it is the image you want, I will add it to, gero's art gallery, where you can purchase it.  Prices vary depending on size, framing, matting and paper.  

There are millions of photos on the internet similar to ours. What makes ours different are the stories which accompanying them.  They are unique because we go places less visited.  They are every bit as interesting; they are just not visited as much.  Join us on our journeys.   If you see something a friend may enjoy, send them a link.  

Brody is our site mascot and is featured on our Brody’ page.  Wherever he is seen he gets a lot of attention.  Brody was added to the site because of the many requests received from our dog lovers. Visit the Brody page to see him in action as he accompanies Richard on his adventures.  It chronicles not only his experiences but his unusual escapades.  

As you read through the sites you will be able to view the many places we've been and the stories we've written.  There is something for everyone so don't forget to share the site.

Scenic; Over the years I have visited most of the western states. These images capture a few of the many beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, sloughs and deserts. This particular set was obtained on a 2011 solo motor cycle trip. It covered 3,300 miles through eight states. The adventure lasted twenty-one days. It is one I strongly recommend. For more on this trip and others go to Scenic in our Gallery.

Wildlife Action; My favorite subjects are the Great Blue Heron and the Great White Egret. We have an abundance in the delta wetlands. In order to get these images I must spend many hours walking the levy roads and boating the waterways. I move slow and easy to get as close as possible. If the subject remains still and the light is coming from the right direction I may get the shot.

Below you will find some of the different categories being displayed and discussed. Click on an image to enlarge it. Click on the arrows, on the sides to scroll.

Join us as we travel some of the highway, byways and waterways of our wonderful country.  We will take you down paths less traveled. We do visit popular attractions and landmarks however; our specialty is nature at its best.  You won’t need a hat and coat to follow along.  Turn on the computer and jump aboard.

Wildlife stills; I obtain these stills by getting as close as possible. While viewing the images notice the detail. My attention is drawn to the subject’s eye. The closer I get, the more clarity and sharpness. I enjoy the different configurations and expressions. I am often drawn to the surroundings of my subjects. Background plays an important part.